Nantucket, Ma
Nantucket, Ma

Ham and Cheese

Claudette’s Sandwiches

Ham and Cheese

Claudette’s Sandwiches
10 Main Street
Siasconset, Massachusetts, 02564
(508) 257-6622

I grew up noshing these bad boys down on the beach in the summer. Stacked with ham and cheddar cheese, shaved carrot, cucumber and LTO—there’s a lot to get on there. But can we talk about the spread? Not sure if I’m allowed to even say – but it’s some combo of mayo, horseradish and mustard. Everything around you will melt away when you take the first bite. My second favorite is the meatloaf. It’s giving. The interior of the shop is still painted in the same pink the original owner, Claudette, imagined, and it always smells like  freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and Claudette’s packs these puppies between one type of bread— but trust me— you’ll understand why.


Victoria Pardo

Victoria Pardo is a practicing historic preservationist for FEMA with a dual interest in food and architecture. She earned her master’s in Historic Preservation from Columbia University, and enjoys consulting with historic sites and house museums, finding ever-changing ways to interpret food history. She has worked in the restaurant industry since the age of 16. She spends most of her time between Nantucket Island, MA, and Maine, working on her website, Food and Architecture, sharing stories, recipes and travel recommendations.




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