Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe, NM


Counter Culture Cafe


Counter Culture Cafe
930 Baca Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501
(505) 995-1105

I’m always amused by the judges’ reactions on AGT when a contestant sings a Whitney Houston song. It will need to be really really good, and then it must improve upon the original. That’s my reaction when I see a menu item that promises to improve on a classic. Lots of terrific, but better? Rare, and it wasn’t what I expected when I ordered “Gravlox” early one morning at the Counter Culture cafe. Wow! The bagel is swapped out for baguette. The capers are there, but instead of tomatoes and onions, it’s pickled cucumbers and Serrano peppers, bringing both heat and acidity. Cream cheese is subbed with dill crema, a perfect foil to the heat. It’s a rich dish; the texture of the baguette is solid, but does not feel heavy. It’s easy to imagine Simon Cowell giving an enthusiastic thumb’s up to this one.



Richard's love of food began at 10, the year he moved to France. It has remained a key part of his life; planning events, introducing sous vide to the US, and attending every cooking class he could. He loves to travel, and trips start with "Where are we going to eat?" (unless it's Paris, in which case it's "Where should we go for steak frites?") Home is now Santa Fe, New Mexico.



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