Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN

Fried Chicken

Uncle Buds

Fried Chicken

Uncle Buds
2719 Old Lebanon Road
Nashville, Tennessee, 37214
(615) 678-8080

As you are seated, generous bowls of perfectly cooked white beans, chilled Vidalia onion slices, flavorful dill pickles and creamy freshly shredded coleslaw are brought to your table “family style.” Then comes the chicken. OH, THE CHICKEN! It’s crunch is audible as you bite into it. Then flavorful moist meat that, you guessed it, tastes like chicken! Large flaky biscuits with a perfect crust are served with blackstrap molasses to finish the meal. This is perfectly prepared, straightforward southern cooking at its best. Don’t be chicken to order the all-you-can-eat chicken at a catfish joint. Pencil in Uncle Buds for Sunday lunch or dinner.


DrBand LuLu

Come and eat your way across Nashville with these foodies. Dr B is a retired Integrative medicine doctor who grew up cooking with his mom. He and his wife LuLu have traveled the world passionately seeking new flavors. They now sift through Nashville seeking only the dishes that are just too good to be a regular dish.




lo mein

Lo Mein

Cobbler and Cream

Cobbler and cream

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