Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA

Fixin’s Fried Chicken

Fixin's Soul Kitchen

Fixin’s Fried Chicken

Fixin's Soul Kitchen
3428 3rd Ave
Sacramento, California, 95817

It was a rainy night in Sacramento, the gloomy chill a bummer. A delivery of fried chicken boxes and sides from Fixin’s Soul Kitchen brought sunshine to our table and joy to our tastebuds. Owned by former Sacramento mayor and NBA all-star Kevin Johnson, Fixin’s motto is, “Without soul, it’s just food.” Our damp evening was revived by a personal Fixin’s box with two pieces of perfectly fried chicken (you choose light or dark) coated in a supremely satisfying crunch. A lusciously lardy, roof-of-the-mouth-sticking biscuit with maple butter accompanied this carby feast. My standard fried chicken consumption method is to eat all the crunch off the chicken first. This moist-all-the-way-through chicken is so perfectly integrated with the deliciously crusty (but not dense) coating that you just have to pick it up with your hands, chow down, and enjoy the whole concert in your mouth. A salty Sancerre and a few snappy IPAs were the perfect match for the crispy goodness and the two sides (“fixins”) that come with each order. We chose vinegary-sweet coleslaw, comforting red beans and rice, peppery fries, and a sharp, cheesy mac & cheese. This is a 10-napkin meal – not for the faint of heart (literally). Come hungry and enjoy every delicious, salty, crunchy bite!


Carla Weiss

These West Coast Foodies love to talk about, dream about, write about, and eat GREAT FOOD. We range in age from 18 to 95 and we are united in our eating obsession.


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