Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV

Fish and Chips

The Codfather

Fish and Chips

The Codfather
2895 N. Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, Nevada, 89014
(702) 462-2280

There’s a good reason The Codfather currently enjoys fantastic ratings: Glynn Bramhall, the Sheffield, UK native who owns and operates this tiny restaurant southeast of the Vegas Strip, creates the world’s best fish and chips. Hyperbole? Not hardly. British ex-pats weep with joy over finding a traditional chip shop in the desert, but this American is thrilled the place is close to home. While cod and thick chips (or “fries,” if you must) are the cornerstone offerings, there are also haddock options, vegan “fish” (honestly, no clue), mushy peas, battered sausage, curry, and other items for the curious (spam fritters, anyone?). A plate of cod, chips, and a drink will set you back just under $15 and will fill you right up. Although small inside, I’ve never had trouble finding a place to sit—probably good timing—and the cheery, England-inspired décor never fails to enhance the dining experience.


Kimberly Mintz

A creative writer, researcher, and travel buff, my work has appeared in multiple print and online publications including MapQuest Travel, LovetoKnow, and Medium. I moved from Buffalo, NY to Las Vegas at the end of 2020 and am in the process of discovering all the great food the city has to offer - especially the hidden gems.




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