Wilmington, NC
Wilmington, NC

Cobra Fries

Banh Sai

Cobra Fries

Banh Sai
Wilmington food truck
Wilmington, North Carolina

Good fries topped with good stuff, an easy sure winner for anyone! Crispy, not too thin, not too thick, classic fries with sriracha, Banh Sai aioli, hoisin, green onion and red pepper – served up as a portion that could fit in a feeding trough. These are absolutely perfect so you may not want to share too many. I love an Asian twist on things and grabbing some fries is a must when out and about drinking. Banh Sai is a beloved local truck with masterful, restaurant quality Asian fusion street food. (Their location schedule is at the link.)



Restaurant and bar hopper in Raleigh NC. Love supporting local and small businesses and trying new things.


Cheesy Western

Spaghetti, Italian Sausage


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