Boston, MA
Boston, MA

Chocolate Cake Truffles

Flour Bakery + Cafe

Chocolate Cake Truffles

Flour Bakery + Cafe
Harvard Square
114 Mt. Auburn Street
Boston, Massachusetts, 02138

A nice contrasting flavor combination of sweet, spongey cake and a sharp layer of cocoa powder. This treat is perfect for that sudden, quick sweet tooth craving that won’t feel too indulgent. For people who shy away from pure sugary desserts, the chocolate cake truffles may be just right for you! Not only does biting into the truffle trigger familiarity of a classic, moist chocolate cake, but fans of dark chocolate and coffee may enjoy the balancing flavors of bitter to sweet. (Various locations across the greater Boston area.)



Melissa W

I’m a MA native, studying at Suffolk university right in the heart of Boston. I enjoy exploring what the city has to offer, especially all the delicious foods!


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