Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ

Butter Chicken Pizza

Chicago's Pizza with a Twist

Butter Chicken Pizza

Chicago's Pizza with a Twist
3950 West Ray Road
Chandler, Arizona, 85226
(602) 675-6777

This was my very first time eating Indian food atop a pizza, and it did not disappoint. I would have never thought to use garlic naan as a crust, but now I crave it. The naan was soft, garlicky, and buttery with the perfect crispy edges. The sprinkle of mozzarella cheese was not overpowering for all the vibrant flavors coming from the toppings. Delicious butter chicken gave a punch of flavor with a hint of spice, and the more traditional red onions and tomato gave the pizza extra depth. The highlight of this dish by far was the butter tropical sauce – the perfect compliment for all the rich toppings. Pizza Twist has locations nationwide. Definitely worth a try. 


Sarah Winkelman

Founder of @phoenix_fixins_ on Instagram, Sarah is a high school math teacher by day and foodie and recipe creator by night. She credits her love of cooking to her grandma and dad, and as a Chicago native and Phoenix transplant, loves to eat out in both of her hometowns.


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