Tulsa, OK
Tulsa, OK

Ali Baba

Bodhi's Bowl

Ali Baba

Bodhi's Bowl
Mother Road Market
1124 South Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74104
(918) 928-1357

There’s something for everyone at Bodhi’s Bowl. This food stand is one of over a dozen dining options at Tulsa’s Mother Market, a kind of upscale food court. Bodhi’s Bowl features dishes from around the world with flags on the menu depicting each bowl’s country of origin. I ordered the Ali Baba bowl, which offered the best of Lebanese flavors: crispy gyro meat, ginger spinach and lemon pepper salad, and spicy carrot hummus. I mixed the ingredients together and it was like taking a bite out of the perfect gyro (only better). On the way to my table, another customer looked at my bowl and said, “That looks really healthy.” It is, and it’s almost too good to be true. Getting your daily serving of veggies in one dish has never been so delicious. Oh, and it’s gluten free.


Shelby Kearns

Shelby Kearns is an instructor and writer living in Lawton, Oklahoma. She teaches writing, rhetoric and literature at Schole Academy. Her writing covers food, culture, politics, or any other topic she finds interesting. She is also a military spouse and tends not to live in one place longer than two years.



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