Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ

Acai Bowl

Playa Bowls

Acai Bowl

Playa Bowls
8870 N. 90th Street
Scottsdale, Arizona, 85250

This acai bowl takes the expression “eat the rainbow” to a whole new level! It is the best I’ve ever had, and I would drive the round trip one hour to get it every week. I absolutely love the wide variety of toppings, and even more so, they have 7 different bases: acai, pitaya, banana, coconut, green, chia, and oat. I got a base of half acai, half pitaya. Toppings are bananas, kiwis, mangoes, strawberries, figs, and agave. Granola is included for free. Playa Bowls has many different signature bowls that are already created, but unlike most places, they have a build-your-own option which is unique and awesome. I really like that the bases are not overly sweet, and the agave was the perfect touch of sweetness for me.


Sarah Winkelman

Founder of @phoenix_fixins_ on Instagram, Sarah is a high school math teacher by day and foodie and recipe creator by night. She credits her love of cooking to her grandma and dad, and as a Chicago native and Phoenix transplant, loves to eat out in both of her hometowns.


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