Boston, MA
Boston, MA

raspberry croissant

Cocorico Boulangerie

raspberry croissant

Cocorico Boulangerie
450 Summer Street
Omni Seaport Hotel
Boston, Massachusetts, 02210

As a home baker I would try almost any recipe except for croissants. The rolling of the dough, the butter, making the layers all by hand intimidates me. I learned recently about the love, time (3 days) and best ingredients that go into making a delicious croissant. In the meantime, move over almond, chocolate and plain and make way for this raspberry pistachio croissant from Cocorico Boulangerie in Boston. It is amazing, filled with  luxurious pistachio cream and a layer of raspberry jam. The pastry is topped with chopped pistachios. It was decadent. I thought I would only eat half since it was large. Little by little, bite by bite I was enjoying the combination of flavors and the texture of the croissant until there was nothing left. I can’t wait to go back.

Beyondish will make a donation for this dessert review to Bakes for Breast Cancer in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 


carol sneider

Mother, grandmother, breast cancer advocate, baker, dessert and food lover! Trying to find the time to write an Italian cookbook.



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