Sean Smith and Brayden LeBlanc-Jackson with cotton candy

The Puffs are Taking Cotton Candy to New Heights, Literally

LA residents Sean Smith and Brayden LeBlanc-Jackson left their corporate jobs with the mission of doing something where they could be “as queer and colorful and ridiculous” as they wanted to be. The result is The Puffs, their cotton candy company that specializes in “huge ridiculous shapes.”

heather wong

Heather Wong’s Tasty Dessert Pop-Up Flouring LA is in Full Bloom

Pastry Chef Heather Wong wanted to keep the baking spirit alive after losing her job. So she put some of her favorite desserts in a box and did a curbside, drive-by-pop-up. It did so well she started Flouring LA.

magenta doughnut with flower petals

A Taste of Puerto Rico in Every Box of El Secreto Doughnuts

Designer doughnuts became the unlikely canvas for two chefs forced to pivot after Covid-19.

megan stone drinking beer

Meet Megan Stone: The People’s Beer Buff

Megan Stone may be known for her beer expertise, but this social media star and San Diego brewer has a lot more she’d like to talk about –– and it has to do with diversity, equality and inclusion.

in good company product containers

In Good Company: Chef-made Frozen Meals with a Sustainable Twist

Ashleigh Ferran wanted to help restaurants hurt by the pandemic. So she started In Good Company, delivering fresh frozen chef-made meals to people’s doorsteps.

jamie lauren and jessica mei gershen

From NY to LA: A Matzoh Ball Soup Your Grandmother Would Love

What’s more comforting than matzoh ball soup? During the pandemic, these 2 Jewish Girls from NYC got cooking.

karen tartt with a starfruit cocktail

Meet the Texas Bartender Making Migraine-Free Cocktails

How do you make a piña colada without pineapple? San Antonio, Texas bartender Karen Tartt has figured out a way. And even better? Her cocktails don’t involve a hangover headach

Rhiannon Menn making lasagna

Lasagna Love: A Dish that Became a Movement

So you make a good lasagna. And you decide to help out a few neighbors in hard times. Would you ever have guessed your idea would spread to 1,000 cities?

RED DOOR desserts: Changing Women’s Lives One Cookie at a Time

Out of a Covid shutdown, comes renewal and inspiration for formerly homeless women in Sacramento, through baking and the ingenuity of one impassioned CEO.

A Story in Every Tuk Tuk Box

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. So when the pandemic shut down day-to-day operations at California-based charity Courageous Kitchen, a food education organization serving asylum seekers and refugees in Thailand, Christy Innouvong-Thornton and her business partner Beatriz Aurelio-Saguin knew they had to do something else to raise money and awareness for…