chef hui bag recipient

A Collective in Hawai’i Comes Together to Feed Those In Need

Hui is a Hawaiian word that refers to a partnership, alliance, or team. And that’s what the collective called Chef Hui is all about: A collaboration of stakeholders from all walks of life uniting through a shared mission to “keeping farmers farming, chefs cooking and communities fed.”

Baking, Booze and a Side of Depeche Mode

Cupcakes infused with beer? Yes, please. These Salt Lake City creations are paired with the latest local craft releases from the baketender at Sweet Vinyl Bakeshop.

muki dogs vegan hot dog stand

Vegan Hot Dogs Are a Hit in Hawaiʻi

Vegans and meat lovers alike line up for the vegan hot dogs at Muki Dogs. This pandemic business in Hawai’i serves uploaded, flame-broiled dogs cooked by an Air Force veteran.